November 23, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Epic Yarns Book. Feel The Felt Flow Through You.

Star Wars Epic Yarns by Vancouver natives Jack and Holman Wang, will be published next April by Chronicle Books. The trio of books each contain 12 classic scenes from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi respectively, rendered in... felt.

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Rebels Recon #7: Inside "Empire Day" With Andi 'Endless Cool Star Wars Tee Shirts' Guiterrez

The very nice Andi Guiterrez arrives with even more Star Wars tee shirts this week : )
In Rebels Recon #7, talks with the creators of the Star Wars Rebels episode "Empire Day," examines the animation process, and shows a special preview of “Gathering Forces.”

At the Art and Science of Lucasfilm panel in partnership with the San Francisco Film Society Education, Keith Kellogg, animation supervisor, discussed the process of bringing characters to full animated life. First, they create a full skeleton and create real joints. Animators pull on these joints to move the characters; this is tested by manipulating different body parts, facial features, walking, and running.
Plus Pablo Hidalgo, Dave Filoni (with cool ass jacket) and mynocks and fyrnocks!

The Realm Recap Episode 41: It’s Not Wise To Upset A Mouse | By FLYGUY & YakFace

  1. 6” TBS wave 6 hitting retail-Target  Hits Dorksidetoys Late Next Week. Free Shipping still on.
  2. Special Value Offer Vehicle Packs - $9.99 at Kmart
  3. ToysRUs - Endor sale - $69.99 (reg. $99.99) Thursday Only
  4. Fail: Hasbro/Dreamworks Merger - How Hasbro almost killed themselves

Gentle Giant
Sideshow -
  1. Speederbike commercial


  1. - Star Wars Rebels holiday break - returns Jan. 5 2015
  2. - The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer - content rumors, attached to ????
  3. LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles “Clash of the Skywalkers” Sunday Nov. 23 DisneyXD

Jayson - Mission Series Boba Fett (with patent leather belt variant) & Stormtrooper,
Tarkin novel by James Luceno, LEGO Rocket Raccoon
FLYGUY - Rocket Raccoon.

November 22, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim News Round Up.

We always post the latest on Twitter, but a chance to doa  round up in case you missed the key points about Celebration Anaheim, which is gearing up to be a truly mega event and heavily Vintage themed. The key art for the show above is strong with the OT and you can expect a LOT more around Vintage from everyone, yes including Hasbro. 

And talking of Art, some good news and bad. My fave artist (and FLYGUY logo creator) JAKe is not attending, and whilst a bit gutted the guy who has made my Celebrations amazing won't be there, the judges have hand picked out these Celebration art show artists.

  • Steve Anderson
  • Drew Baker
  • Lin Zy Busch
  • Matt Busch
  • Jeff Carlisle
  • Jason Christman
  • Jeff Confer
  • Katie Cook
  • Joe Corroney
  • Doug Cowan
  • Mark Daniels
  • Chris Dee
  • Terry Dodson
  • Grant Gould
  • Karen Hallion
  • Scott Harben
  • Stephen Hayford
  • Jessica Hickman
  • Adam Hughes
  • Brandon Kenney
  • Brian Kesinger
  • Lee Kohse
  • Ken Lashley
  • Erik Maell
  • Randy Martinez
  • Brian Miller
  • Jake Murray
  • William O’Neill
  • Jason Palmer
  • Brian Rood
  • Alex Ross
  • Tsuneo Sanda
  • Cat Staggs
  • Shea Standefer
  • Chris Trevas
  • Malcom Tween
  • Jerry Vanderstelt
  • Russell Walks
  • Marc Wolfe
  • Brent Woodside

Quite a list and make sure to look for these artists, and for their work created exclusively for Star Wars Celebration, in the Art Show which is presented by ACME Archives, and in their own booths on the Celebration Experience Show Floor.

First looks of their artwork for the show will be posted on and starting in February. Read more.

A teaser also came out the other day and if not seen this (which has a lot of Celebration Europe footage) then check it out below. Got your tickets yet?

November 21, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars 1/6th Scale Speederbike Mock Car Ad By Sideshow.

+Sideshow Collectibles just made a mock car ad, for the new speeder bike, complete with Thunderbirds like Biker Scout. Nicely done, and only helps to highlight how cool the damn thing is!