September 26, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Marvel Legends 6 Inch Scale Venom Space Knight BAF Toy Action Figure Review

The last of our recent Hasbro Marvel Legends six inch Spider-man reviews which is the build-a-figure Venom Space Knight. if you are confused as to why Venom's appearance might not match what you know, then you have missed out on a good run of the recent Guardians of the Galaxy comics which explained a lot more. A pretty simplistic but very nice BAF. Watch our review to see the full detail.


Marvel Legends 6 Inch Amazing Spider-man Hobgoblin Toy Action Figure Review

Wow. Once in awhile Hasbro just nails it well and truly with a six inch figure. Jango Fett or the recent Deadpool comes to mind and this is one of them. Next up in our Marvel Legends Spider-Man recent reviews is the Hobgoblin. Not one you'll want to skip on!

Marvel Legends 6 Inch Amazing Spider-man Comic Electro Toy Action Figure Review

Next up in our Marvel legends six inch Spider-man reviews, if you like classic comic Electro (or even the more modern version) then Hasbro has you covered. Not a bad figure at all, but check out our full review for more details.

September 25, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One A Star Wars Story Retailer Exclusives

Hasbro kindly shared with us the press release of retailer exclusives coming for the end of this year for Star Wars Rogue One. If you follow us on Twitter, all but a few of these have been well spotted already but nice to see hi-res pics. R2-D2 mentioned ion here but don't take that as definitive proof of him being in the movie. No mention of the EE, black series multi colour trooper pack but more on that in time. Read on for a description of each from Hasbro...

Darth Vader #25 Most Good Hobby Exclusive John Tyler Christopher Tagge Action Figure Variant

New John Tyler Christopher Star Wars & Marvel Action Figure Variant Cover Sale Ft. Kylo Ren 28th Sept

Five New Star Wars Rogue One Mini LEGO Set Video Overviews

LEGO recently published five new mini Star Wars Rogue One set overviews, showcasing the play features of Krennic's imperial shuttle, the Rebel U-Wing, Tie Striker and more. First animation above and the rest below.