July 23, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Hasbro Marvel Legends Six Inch Falcon Civil War HD Action Figure Review

Very glad to have got this really before it's hitting stores so we can share this with you, all thanks to the super speedy shipping of Premium Collectables. Just finally great after Captain America The Winter Soldier & Captain America Civil War and not so great 3.75" versions that we finally get the six inch version. Some flaws as usual but otherwise a very good figure that will 'fly' off the shelves if you don't grab it.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Six Inch Jim Lee 2016 Version HD Action Figure Review

The brand new Jim Lee style head sculpt Marvel Legends six inch figure gets a review and this is a stonker of a figure. I get so excited I forgot the articulation aspects, but you know the score. It rocks! barely in US stores yet, great to have this in hand well before, and all due to the peeps at Premium Collectables. Let us know what you think of the figure and review.

Better Pics Of Those Awesome Netflix Jessica Jones & Punisher Six Inch Figures.

New Marvel Legends Reviews Inbound, The Punisher, Falcon & Winter Soldier.

July 22, 2016 | By FLYGUY