May 29, 2016 | By FLYGUY

These Two New Waves Of Marvel Legends Are Going To Sell Like CRAZY.

So with Hasbro's Pulse suddenly coming back from the dead the other day to announce Wolverine was coming, it gave us the final rundown of who is in this next wave of Marvel Legends. Deadpool (already announced and so god damn hot off the movie it'll be insane getting extras of him), Cable, another sterling figure, and likely to be a huge seller. Wolverine, which many

May 28, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Alien Warrior Life-Size Head Prop Replica & Blue Variant By CoolProps

Another just epic high quality item I'd love to own is this (can you even believe they make this?) life size prop Alien replica. CoolProps has produced this piece based on the original mould, which is without lips, and which captures the distinctive features of the Alien Warrior, such as its musculature around the jaw and the bony ridges running along the Xenomorph's dome, and features an array of piping.  Seriously stunning to look at, this is just outstanding (but creepy ass) work.

They also make this thing in 'Blue Warrior' variant (which I think is the best of the two) based on the scene when Ripley, who has just returned to LV-426, yet again encounters the Alien Warriors, but this time the blue and white lighting in the darkness, has been translated through using a deep blue paint which to me to me is the classic image I think of  for Aliens. That sinewy jaw elastic is so lifelike, but its the colour overall that sells this one to me.

I've really got back in to Aliens in the last year thank to this Blu Ray and all its extra features, and of course the NECA Aliens line which are outstanding. It's great to see the love for lots of new items for the franchise like this getting made, especially with a new film in the making.

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