September 29, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Black Series Free Shipping Deal, New Rebels Listings & $10 6" Obi Wan At Dorksidetoys

Straight after an initial post about Wave 5 now Shipping, and Wave 6 going up for pre-order even more new info being made available from +Dorksidetoys

Wave 6 full case orders (not singles) now comes with FREE US shipping for a limited time. Only valid on orders of full case packs for this wave but at $20 each for Yoda, Clone Trooper Sergeant, A Tie Fighter Pilot & Obi-Wan Kenobi, that's a bloody great deal. This is limited so act fast.

+Dorksidetoys also have the Black Series Wave Six, 6" Obi-Wan singles marked at $9.99!
Giving you an idea that they are 99.9% confident that this is the repacked ROTS version.
This figure though is an excellent base for Jedi/general customizers!

​Lots of new Rebels figures listed and up for pre-order too! Check out all the cases & single options.

Star Wars 6" Black Wave 6 Available For Pre-order Up At Dorksidetoys. Yoda, Clone Sergeant, Tie Pilot & Obi-Wan.

+Dorksidetoys have confirmed with Hasbro the case pack of Wave six of the black series as yoda, Tie Fighter Pilot, Clone trooper Sergeant & a very likely repoack of Obi-wan Kenobi.

As ever three of these are going to be Uber popular.
Get pre-ordering!

SNL Brings The Parody To Marvels Guardians Featuring Star Wars Chris Pratt (& Pam)

The US institution of Saturday Night Live that brought us Jizzed In My Pants and Dick In A Box pokes fun at Star Wars and...well you name it! Pam 2 looks awesome ; )

ICYMI Watch @Yak_face & @FLYGUY Cover The Week In @StarWars On The Realm Recap #31.

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September 27, 2014 | By FLYGUY

New Images Of The Black Series Six inch Yoda, Clone Sergeant & Tie Fighter Pilot.

Getting images in the Star Wars world is clearly a covert dark arts, and limited affair. Hasbro have released somehow to so web site Ami Ami and a few others images of The Black Series Six inch Yoda, Clone Sergeant & Tie Fighter Pilot. Sadly they have altered them and added a black background (to a tie fighter pilot-are you mad?) Hi-res on the way soon. All up for pre-order at

H/T to Eric Garcia for tipping me to this yesterday!