September 25, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One A Star Wars Story Retailer Exclusives

Hasbro kindly shared with us the press release of retailer exclusives coming for the end of this year for Star Wars Rogue One. If you follow us on Twitter, all but a few of these have been well spotted already but nice to see hi-res pics. R2-D2 mentioned ion here but don't take that as definitive proof of him being in the movie. No mention of the EE, black series multi colour trooper pack but more on that in time. Read on for a description of each from Hasbro...

Darth Vader #25 Most Good Hobby Exclusive John Tyler Christopher Tagge Action Figure Variant

New John Tyler Christopher Star Wars & Marvel Action Figure Variant Cover Sale Ft. Kylo Ren 28th Sept

Five New Star Wars Rogue One Mini LEGO Set Video Overviews

LEGO recently published five new mini Star Wars Rogue One set overviews, showcasing the play features of Krennic's imperial shuttle, the Rebel U-Wing, Tie Striker and more. First animation above and the rest below.

September 24, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Marvel Legends 6 Inch Amazing Spider-man Silk & Spider-Girl Toy Action Figure Review

Another figure that is repainted twice in this wave (for the most part) is the new Marvel Legends Silk & Ashley Barton Spider-girl figures. Both are part of the overall Marvel Legends six inch Spider-Man Venom Space Knight wave. Whilst re using these bodies, the head sculpts are excellent and as usual, just different enough to make me and hopefully you want these.


Marvel Legends 6 Inch Peter Parker & Miles Morales Toy Action Figure Review

We kick off our Marvel Legends Spider-Man Six inch reviews with two figures which are identical apart from the paint job, Miles Morales and Peter Parker. These are the teen comic and cartoon based versions and as such smaller figures. Both have some quite nice features despite this being yet another Spider-Man Marvel Legends release. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.