Footage From The Darth Maul Video Game Featuring Mandalorians.

So we told you Lucasarts cancelled a Darth maul video game and we also discussed this on the Realm Recap we do along with
Well this appears to be the footage... certainly looks Wii like.

Dammit Mandalorians and cancelled! : (
What's your thoughts?

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Star Wars Black Series Wave 4 Case Assortment Remixed. Chewie Out, Boba & Stormie In!

 Star Wars black Series Wave 4 Case Assortment remixed. Chewie Out, Boba & Stormie In!

Just woke up to some great news that Hasbro have seen the light and listened to customers (and sales and the next black Series Wave 4 case packs have been altered to add a Boba & Stormtrooper in, meaning Chewbacca has been bumped to the next wave.

Sayonara scalpers!

I've placed several orders at dorksidetoys where they are also now selling Bobas at $21.99 which I have never seen a  retailer on-line sell it at. Do not let the scalpers ruin it for you get in quick!

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