May 24, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Black Series 6" Protective Cases HD Review

Remember kids always carry protection! Whatever you do with any of your toys, chances are you might want to protect them so this is ideal and what I've been looking for ages. Retro Protection have came up with a great way to protect and display your six inch Star Wars Black Series figures.

New Preacher Funko POP! Vinyl Revealed & Up For Pre-Order.

One of the BEST graphic novels I have ever read Preacher (although not one for the easily offended) was released as a TV show on Sunday on AMC. Preacher is hard to describe without spoiling it, but expect amazing characters and stories if you are new to the franchise. So grateful to see Funko have released three new Preacher POP! Vinyl figures to come out in September. Jesse Custer, the main character is...

May 23, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Mattel DC Multiverse Comics Superman Earth 23 6" HD Action Figure Review

I rarely ever review figures I don't like, but this one is pretty damn bad! Mattel DC Multiverse Comics Superman Earth 23 is kinda cheap and nasty but came with a part I needed. Watch the review for more!

More New 2016 Marvel Hot Wheels Waves Revealed. Punisher, Green Goblin, Spidey 2099 & More.

We told you about new Marvel Hot Wheels way back at the beginning of February and they have barely reached stores across the globe yet, but are beginning to be seen slowly, so the dates of these new waves below, need to be taken with a pinch of salt! I'm a big fan of displaying Marvel Legends in front of these carded cars so really nice to see some cool new designs albeit not very many new cards or vehicles. However, the mixes or waves breakdown as...

NECA Aliens Genocide Two Pack Likely Coming To Toys R Us Later This Year

Some cool repaints here from NECA, one the dog alien from Alien 3 and the other is a repaint of the 'Big Chap'. Repaints they may be, but when they make such incredible figures, these are welcomed.

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