August 28, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Occulus Rift Lightsaber Demo. Cue Lots Of Grown Men Making 'Wuumm, Wumm'' Kinda Noises...

This is one of the first videos to show "STEM Pack" which is mounted to the strap of the Oculus Rift to provide tracking for each hand.

All in, total fun and they queue to try this starts behind me dammit!

For more information on the STEM System:

August 27, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars 8-bit Kenner IG-88 & Other cool Art By @AlexGriendling

Some gorgeous mashing up of 8-bit and vintage.
Love it! Check out other work by Alex including his new bounty hunter prints.

Ep VII Rumor. More Flashbacks And Some Guy With Terrible Skin Making An Appearance?

Over the weekend Latino Review shared another Episode VII rumor and this time ( I wont apologize for 'spoilers' as this is just pure speculation) they are suggesting that Palpatine will make a return...

Good, good...I can get another paycheck.

Could it be a clone? Maybe, but their suggestion is more akin to flashbacks which rumors have already strongly hinted at with a young Leia, Darth and Inquisitors abound...

What's your thoughts? Want Palpatine back for Ep VII? Where is that Black Series Six inch Palpatine and why is it taking so long to see?

More On Star Wars Clone Wars Season Six As Blu Ray Prelim Artwork Turns Up.

Shared my thought on The Clone Wars Blu ray reveal the other day but now a preliminary cover has also turned up at H/T Yakface

August 25, 2014 | By FLYGUY

How The Star Wars Black Series Cantina Showdown Should Have Been.

Glen Morris from the UK shares his Han & Greedo with custom chairs and parts with us, and this IMHO is exactly how the Cantina showdown should have came! Charge $10 more the chairs and tables, (it was and is $39.99) heck even $20 more and I'm sure at least several thousand would have sold in-a-heartbeat. Instead we got a really crappy cardboard cut out set that even die hard Black Series peeps like me will only buy on clearance.

A really wasted opportunity by Hasbro and Toys R Us, but great to see that real fans know how it should be done...

What's your thoughts on this? Cardboard crap-tastic by Hasbro or one you'd have paid $50+ for, if the real chairs and table were included?