April 28, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: The WolfPack Podcast Panel

Myself and friends from The Wolfpack Podcast held a podcast panel at +Star Wars Celebration and had a blast basically goofing off and giving away a TON of rare, some signed and generally cool collectibles, many from the panel, and also donated by

That Full Set Of Star Wars Celebration Badges & Awesome Boba Fett & Stormtrooper Prints By Craig Drake

How I wish Celebration was still on... I never got to see the full set of +Star Wars Celebration passes, but thanks to talented artist Craig drake whom we've praised before, we can see his full set of designs. You really should follow Craig on Tumblr.

He also had (and I never knew!) just bloody awesome and plain killer pics of Boba and a Stormtrooper for sale at Celebration as below. More amazing art and other Boba work again on his Tumblr.

April 27, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Gorgeous Marvel Star Wars Custom Cover Boba Fett Painting By Sean Anderson AKA Skyscraper48

A friend asked me recently why there were blank covers for the Marvel Star Wars comics and I think this illustrates (pin intended) exactly why when artists can make such amazing art with them like this.

This was by Skyscraper48, AKA Sean Anderson and you can see a time lapse of his work on this below. Just awesome talent, and I hope this guy gets a ton more commissions.

Free Star Wars LEGO Wookiee Gunship Build At US Toys R Us Stores May 3rd.

Our friends at Neoape just shared a new LEGO Star Wars Toys R Us free build May 3rd. The build is a smaller version of the Star Wars Rebels Wookiee Gunship. A rugrat at Toys R Us is required so all you adults, borrow or take a kid!

Another John Tyler Christopher Marvel Star Wars Action Figure Variant Cover Gets Revealed.

Man if you haven't started collecting these covers (and thanks to Corey for getting me in to these!) then you best start now, because this finished set is going to be awesome!

Star Wars Vol 4 #5 gets revealed as Threepio.

View the full image Gallery.

H/T Yakface for the heads up.

Our Star Wars Celebration Questions & Answers With Hasbro Star Wars Team.

Before we get to the good stuff and our Hasbro Q&A that we held with them at Celebration, let's appreciate again the talent that designed the above, because this deserves serious praise! This Ahsoka Black Series 6" figure was proudly shared by Hasbro at Celebration, and shows the quality and attention (and listening to fans) that has been put in to this line. I thought it was truly quite stunning and courageous of them to show us the first (I can recall) prototype of a figure in a long time.