October 01, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Exclusive! New Star Wars Exclusive Images Of Exclusive new Figures To Go With The Many Other Exclusives, And Threepio Repaint Is A Walgreens Exclusive.

Kotaku's US site (because y'know we all go there along with the Hollywood Reporter for Star Wars news first don't we?) just posted that the Threepio Black series 6" repaint will in fact not be exclusive to Amazon, but in fact Walgreens. They post the pictures we shared earlier of the TBS 6" Deathtrooper Target exclusives we already know of, but they are accompanied by a Khols Exclusive 3.75" set (and don't forget about the the Toys R Us 6" exclusives or the Walmart 6" exclusives we still don't really have true confirmation for.) Also in the article they share the exclusive first look at the exclusive to Walmart new 3.75" Black Series figures. Are you confused? Yep. It's an exclusive nightmare. 

Live outside the US? Well you are just not not exclusive enough buddy! Sarcasm aside, exclusivity is clearly getting a little out of hand now don't you think? Let me know your thoughts, unless you want to keep it exclusively to yourself.  p.s the price on Kotakus site for the EE 4 packs, is exclusively wrong. It is $99.

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