July 16, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer, Mandalorians, Maul, & Thrawn. Oh My!

Star Wars Rebels season three is coming and it looks like the best yet. Clearly listening to fans, Darth Maul & Mandalorians return along with a blue fan favourite, Admiral Thrawn. Left with Kanan blind and
Ahoska dead, things have not gone well for the Star Wars Rebels crew in the last season. Already moving towards what was just getting good in a dark and sticky way on the Clone Wars before it ended, it seems Star Wars Rebels is finally going to pick up and really bring some strength this season. With a lot more Star Wars Rebels support from Hasbro in the form of Rebels figures and now from Funko in their POP! line (the entire crew is being made n case you missed our post on Twitter) it's a great time to catch up on Star Wars Rebels season one or two as this is where the fun begins! Looking forward to this? Trailer doing it for you? Sound off in the comments or on social channels.

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