July 06, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Choose Wisely! Vote For YOUR Choice Of Star Wars 6" Black Series Figure In The Hasbro Fans Choice Poll 2016

Hasbro has asked us once more for your feedback in helping to select YOUR choice of a new Black Series 6" figure. 

Hasbro is pleased to once again invite FLYGUY and your readers to help determine its next STAR WARS Fans’ Choice figure! For the second time, the STAR WARS Fans' Choice poll will allow fans to choose a 6-inch scale STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES figure.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL STAR WARS characters are eligible for the poll, EXCEPT
characters from STAR WARS:Rogue ONE. So the old EU is in if you so wish, but Jaxxon, really?

Also note: Any characters from the STAR WARS REBELS or STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated series would be sculpted in the realistic style of the STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES line.


Post your character choice (one per person's name or login) below in our comments section on this article only that you wish to be considered for the next STAR WARS Fans Choice figure by Midnight PST on Sunday July 10th. You can vote up or down on others submissions and have a discussion if you like. I'll sort the details. The important thing is that you vote!

We'll then compile a list and submit to Hasbro of the winning character who will be announced at Hasbro’s STAR WARS panel, at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and our reporters will be there to share what it is.

Don't miss a chance to vote and decide what gets released. 

It could be Maz Kanata, Budo, Biggs, Republic Commando's, Gha Nackht, Aurra Sing, Emperor's Royal Guard, Hammerhead, Death Star Droid, Ponda Baba, Admiral Tagge, Admiral Ackbar, Jar Jar, Jodo Kast, R5-D4 and the list goes on!

Note: 'Choose Wisely' as the grail master says. Anyone who votes for Jocasta Nu or Jar Jar must be sacrificed to the Sarlaac.

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