June 13, 2016 | By FLYGUY

X-Men Marvel Legends Up On Amazon & A Closer Look At These Super Hot Six Inch Figures In Hi-Res.

The Marvel Legends X-Men wave has made its way to Amazon. For the first time we get the real Hi-res images and a look at the figures up close, so let's start with Deadpool! Man this guy comes with...

...a crap ton of accessories, some old, some new, no BAF piece with Deadpool, but we get an unmasked head, which I wish was partial like this Spider-man but happy with an alternate. The taco is just classic and the weapons are chromed and not made all kid proofed like say the Winter Soldier

He's already sold out as a single and the scalper squad will ensure this thing is unobtainable for months by wiping them all out everywhere and punting for at first probably $100, then in time as stocks get out there down to $80, $50 and maybe one day in a maybe 2-3 months time the $30 mark. Just like the Ahsoka Tano, and all the other popular figures. Rest assured he is going to be a pain in the ass to collect so if you have not already for goodness sake try to pre-order a case.

Wolverine is the other totally hotty in this case and also currently sold out, but this is a nice update to the Wolverines we have had before. The swap out hands are a nice touch, but this is nowhere near Deadpool hot so give it time, and you'll see this guys eventually slip down to the $30 mark, but that will only rise again over time to probably the $50-60 mark. Again if you are impatient and most toy collectors are, then just pre-order a case and sell what you dont like (and the BAF) and save a crap ton of money. Do the math!

So the last one in the case I'm highlighting is Cable and still stock of him as I type, and this guy is a belter! If you bought a Deadpool, then Cable is essential! Two excellent looking non kiddy guns and a rack of bullets. That Winter Soldier like chrome arm and his cyborg parts are looking great, plus his pouches and armour just make this look fantastic. he seems short on his classic shoulder pads but there have been many looks over the years.

Others in the case include Kitty Pryde with Magneto Red Onslaught mask (nice touch!)

A fine looking classic Rogue is also in the case.  

Stay frosty with the likely pegwarmer of them all Ice Man.

Another fairly low cost one for Hasbro to make The Phoenix.

Havok is another cheap repaint and one which might even out peg warm Ice Man So, what figures do you most want? Are my three top picks yours?

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