June 19, 2016 | By FLYGUY

The Thing Collector's Edition Blu Ray Coming Sept 20th

The Thing remains as a classic John Carpenter movie for many including me, and if you've never seen it, now is a brilliant time to catch it. Set in 1982, an Antarctic research team discovers an alien buried and frozen in the snow for over 100,000 years. It defrosts and things go reeaaaally nuts. A prequel was made awhile back and actually I really liked it, but the original just had class that it could not compare to. Sadly some good features from the DVD are
getting the chop but this is a nice bunch of new features also being added.

Special Features:
  • NEW 2K scan of the Inter-positive supervised and approved by director of photography Dean Cundey
  • NEW 4.1 created from the original 70MM Six Track Dolby Stereo soundtrack
  • NEW Audio Commentary with director of photography Dean Cundey
  • NEW The Men of Outpost 31 - interviews with Keith David, Thomas Waites, Peter Maloney and more…
  • NEW Assembling and Assimilation – an interview with editor Todd Ramsay
  • NEW Behind the Chameleon – interviews with visual effects artists Peter Kuran and Susan Turner, special make-up effects artist Rob Burman and Brian Wade and more….
  • NEW Sounds from the Cold – interviews with supervising sound editor David Lewis Yewdall and special sound effects designer Alan Howarth
  • NEW Between the Lines – an interview with novelization author Alan Dean Foster
  • Audio Commentary by director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell
  • John Carpenter's The Thing: Terror Takes Shape – a documentary on the making of THE THING featuring interviews with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, special effects make-up designer Rob Bottin, legendary matte artist Albert Whitlock plus members of the cast and crew (80 minutes – SD)
  • Outtakes (5 minutes - SD)
  • Vintage featurettes from the electronic press kit featuring interviews with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell and Rob Bottin (12 minutes - SD)
  • Vintage featurettes – The Making of a Chilling Tale and The Making of THE THING (1982 – 14 minutes - SD)
  • Vintage Product Reel – contains a promotional condensed version of the film with additional footage not in the film (19 minutes - SD)
  • Vintage Behind-the-Scenes footage (2 minutes - SD)
  • Annotated Production Archive – Production Art and Storyboards, Location Scouting, Special Make-up Effects, Post Production (48 minutes - SD)
  • Network TV Broadcast version of THE THING (92 minutes - SD)
  • Teaser Trailer & Theatrical Trailers (U.S. and German Trailer)
  • TV spots & Radio Spots
  • Still Gallery (behind-the-scenes photos, posters and lobby cards)
  • AND MORE...
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