May 29, 2016 | By FLYGUY

These Two New Waves Of Marvel Legends Are Going To Sell Like CRAZY.

So with Hasbro's Pulse suddenly coming back from the dead the other day to announce Wolverine was coming, it gave us the final rundown of who is in this next wave of Marvel Legends. Deadpool (already announced and so god damn hot off the movie it'll be insane getting extras of him), Cable, another sterling figure, and likely to be a huge seller. Wolverine, which many
have literally wet the floor over. (Not for me, not a fan of ANY man in tight, Lycra or spandex, especially yellow!). This leaves Kitty Pryde, Phoenix, Rogue, Havok and Iceman rounding out the case, all of which makes the build-a-figure; Juggernaut. Making this wave total toy crack.

If that wasn't enough, Hasbro has decided in their wisdom to have ANOTHER wave launch at the same time for Ultimate Spider-Man. The wave will pack Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Silk, Hobgoblin (my fave) Electro, Shocker (ugh), the Ashley Barton Spider-girl. The build a figure has been leaked by a Taiwanese site it looks like as Venom, Space Knight.

Why the always crazy secrecy I do not know, why the lack of decent images other than over styled black background images, again I do not know. Pictures of figures in packaging also seem to give Hasbro nightmares for some reason, and they also seem to be kept well under wraps. Truly like blood out of a stone, getting info on these but hi-res pics will arrive soon we hope.

Whilst talking Marvel Legends, non six inch ML items have surfaced in the wild from a Toys R Us in Hong Kong with these two presented at NY Toy Fair originally, but at least now seeing more detail on this Iron Man and Cap cool prop items.  .

Dorksidetoys will have all the legends figures up for pre-sale 1st Jun at 11pm central and I'll be getting a set form them and likely some from Premium Collectables too. The latter also has the Non six inch items for sale also.

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