June 05, 2016 | By FLYGUY

Now Even More New Preacher Funko POP! Vinyl Revealed & Up For Pre-Order.

Just a few days after I posted about one of my favourite comics coming to TV, the show came out and even more (and even cooler) POP! have been revealed. Tulip (aka Ruth Negga of Agents of Shield)

A very bloody cassidy Hot Topic exclusive which is just excellent! And one more was revealed...

A hands up 'preachin' Jess Custer Gamestop exclusive. Sadly no one has these listed yet! WTF e-tailers?! Hopefully up on Hottopic/Gamestop/somewhere soon. 
One of the BEST graphic novels I have ever read Preacher (although not one for the easily offended) was released as a TV show on Sunday on AMC. Preacher is hard to describe without spoiling it, but expect amazing characters and stories if you are new to the franchise. So grateful to see Funko have released three new Preacher POP! Vinyl figures to come out in September. Jesse Custer, the main character is...
dark and tortured but trying to be a hero. Arseface is...well, let's just let say you can work that one out on your own.
 Cassidy is Jesse's companion for most of his journey but won't say any more as to not spoil it. All in it hopefully is a great show but definitely check out the older Preacher graphic novels, you won't be disappointed.

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