May 11, 2016 | By FLYGUY

My Iron Man Sickness Has Only Gotten Worse With Civil War. I Keep Finding New Cool Collectibles Like This.

If you're new here, you may not know I have the Iron man collecting sickness. I love collecting the movies and their memorabilia, of course the Hot Toys, the old Iron Man 1 & 2 action figures, the recent and new Marvel Legends and course just tons of other stuff such as War Machine. So as I'm prowling stores I keep coming across such amazing things as this helmet above, which I had not seen before...Limited to just 1000 pieces this...

...beautifully recreated prop replica of Tony Stark's Iron Man helmet is made by eFX.  The helmet is a faithful reproduction of the iconic helmet worn by Tony Stark in The Avengers, and was recreated using master patterns made from the original moulds to make the screen-used helmets. It's been constructed mainly from fiberglass and comes complete with certificate of authenticity, eFX display base, and numbered plaque.

The Iron Man Mark VII helmet seen in The Avengers was made by special effects studios, Legacy Effects. The eFX master patterns were made from the original master molds that were used to make the screen-used helmets. This helmet was custom fitted to Robert Downey Jr. to fit snugly so that it would not move or wobble when worn. The helmet is made in 3 removable pieces, just like the original prop. The faceplate is held in place with magnets and in the screen-used helmets, magnets were also placed on the top of the helmet to hold the faceplate in the open position. The helmet appeared to open and close by a digital process known as "morphing." Also, the faceplace and chin piece were plated with silver and then painted with a translucent gold ink.

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