December 13, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Valence Saber. 31 Colors, 240 Sound Effects, USB Charging & Controlled From Your Smartphone? Kick Ass!

The team behind the Valence Saber got in touch with me recently and whilst we get a lot of crowd funded items our way, this one stopped me in my tracks with its slick presentation, tech specs and downright overall usability, especially when they pointed out this is button-less and comes equipped with 31 colors, 240 sound effects, controlled via your smartphone, and is rechargeable through USB...

The press release tells more:

"The team at Valence Saber has announced that they will launch an Indiegogo campaign on December 14, 2015 that will run for 50 days. The crowdfunding campaign will aim to raise funds for production and future app development of the high-tech device.

Valence Saber created a innovative, modern-day lightsaber, combining the world of Sci Fi nostalgia and high-tech gadgets. Valence has incorporated smartphone technology, to introduce the iconic device from screen to life. The button-less saber is equipped with 31 colors, 240 sound effects, and is rechargeable through USB.

Never before has there such a customizable replica of this iconic and beloved contraption- attracting a widespread of consumer communities from Star Wars fandom, to cosplay, to gizmos collectors alike.

The Valence Saber team strives to obtain the highest techy perfection. The saber itself comes with complete motion activation/detection and a free replacement guarantee. The Valence Saber Team also promises the constant expansion of their highly-innovative technology to follow the Indiegogo funding of their production. The contributors of Valence Saber are able to constantly upgrade the device’s functions, as they have also work on integrative products designed for 3M, Motorola, Gulf & Western, Joseph Enterprises, Bright Image Corporation, Multisonics and Fulham Lighting, Inc.

Currently, fans can sign up for updates at".

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