October 26, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars The Force Awakens 6 Inch Black Series Wave 4 Set of 6 Figures Case Breakdown Revealed.

Dorksidetoys just listed the Star Wars The Force Awakens 6 Inch Black Series Wave 4 case breakdown...

*Update, the page on Dorksidetoys has been removed/hidden at request of Hasbro I believe.*

So now confirmed is the following:
  • Jango Fett 
  • Captain Phasma
  • Villian Trooper Red x 2
  • Lead Hero Battler White
  • Sidekick Battler Black
Nice to see Jango Fett getting a release so quickly, and almost a shame he isn't two per pack. I sure as hell want several! Hopefully he will be repacked further down the line.

Captain Phasma repack. Yay! Great to get a repack we all want but still won't last long, solid cases of her needed ASAP please Hasbro.

As for 'Villain trooper Red' I'd suggest this is some form of Royal Guard Evolution or other trooper with Red we have yet to see. Guavian Enforcers are already out in limited quantities and are not troopers but mercenaries.

'Lead Hero Battler White' I'd suggest is likely Finn as First Order Stormtrooper. Give the amount of screen time in trailers of Finn as a trooper, and how easy this will be to do for Hasbro, and how in demand troopers are, seems like a no brainer.

'Sidekick Battler Black' (and before someone asks, no this is not going to refer to their race) this is anyone's guess but could be a hero or a villain. Could it be a Knight of Ren? (No Stimpy you Eediot!) Time will tell.

That's my take on this wave. What's your thoughts? Sound off in the comments or respond on social wherever we post this. Either way with a Phasma, a trooper, likely Finn as a trooper, and an unseen villain and Jango, this wave is gonna be SUPER popular. Order them!

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