October 13, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Check Out The Latest Star Wars Action News, Episode 459: Fifty Shades of White

It's been one month since Force Friday but the onslaught of new Star Wars products has not let up. From tie in items like vitamins to cereal to toothpaste to Pop Chips, Star Wars is on everything. And of course that means lots of new toys too. Star Wars Action News takes a look at them all...

Two BB-8s are put to the test Hasbro's Target Exclusive Remote Control BB-8 versus Sphero's App Controlled BB-8. One is bigger, one is more expensive, but should you buy one, both, or neither?

Then they look at Disney's new Elite line of 6.5-inch Die Cast action figures. They're $5 more than Hasbro's Black Series 6-inch, but every bit as in demand, selling out nationwide. On this show we put Disney's Elite First Order Stormtrooper to the test against Hasbro's Black Series counterpart.

Look out for a book review of the novel Aftermath, plus they look at Hot Toys' new Star Wars releases, and more on this episode of Star Wars Action News.

Check Out Star Wars Action News Ep 459

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