July 03, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Topps Shares It's SDCC 2015 Star Wars Trading Card Plans, Giveaways & Exclusives.

Topps has written to us with some info on some great items & events coming up at SDCC such as this vintage set of oversized trading cards...

As of writing five have been released so far here in this post, with more to be revealed before SDCC.

I'm seeking clarity on how many sets will be available but I believe it to be only 100, which is the same as Celebration Anaheim. The cards were semi easy to get on ebay, but of course at a markup, so if going to SDCC, make sure you are there!

Topps will be in the Lucas Pavilion – Booth 2913-J and will have exclusive merch, a giveaway, and demos of 2 products.

Exclusive Merch:
Topps will have limited sets of oversized cards for sale.
Each set will feature 10 classic characters on iconic Topps vintage designs.
Each set will cost $20 (tax included).
Characters include Luke, Leia, Han, Vader, Boba Fett, Chewy, The Droids, The Empire, The Rebel Alliance, and Yoda.

Topps has been revealing one card from each set every day until SDCC on thier Facebook page: using the hashtag #10RevealsIn10Days

Product Demo #1: Star Wars Card Trader App by Topps:
The Topps Star Wars digital team will be on hand to answer all your questions about the new Star Wars Card Trader App by Topps. They will be doing one-on-one Q&A’s as well as live demos.
There will also be an exclusive card in the cantina that weekend for SDCC attendees!

Product Demo #2: Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions trading discs:
Topps will debut its new collectable discs Galactic Connexions & will display an array of character from the set and have game demos.
*More to come after they reveal product details at SDCC*

They will be giving away an exclusive Galactic Connexions disc at the show.
*More to come once we reach SDCC*

Social Media Overlay:
Topps will be firing on all cylinders across our social channels, covering the show and letting our fans know when products go on sale, when giveaways happen and when we will be doing product demos.
Our social media tag at the show will be #ToppsTakesSDCC
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