July 24, 2015 | By FLYGUY

LEGO DC Justice League vs The Legion of Doom! Exclusive Minifigure & Mark Hamill...

I was fortunate enough to attend the LEGO DC panel at SDCC where we got to see Justice League vs The Legion of Doom! in advance. Some Star Wars voice actors in there and a LEGO minifigure you may want to order.
Now due to come out shortly on Blu Ray & DVD The movie is very much aimed at a young audience, buta few adult laughs in there. The story centers around the Justice League as it starts to fall apart as they look to nominate a team leader.

A new member sows seeds of discontent among them, all while the world's super villains are forming their own team to destroy the League once and for all. Come with an exclusive 'Trickster' minifigure who is voiced by of course Star Wars's very own Mark Hamill. James Arnold taylor also stars.

Buy LEGO DC Super Heroes: JL; Attack of the Legion of Doom!

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