June 05, 2015 | By FLYGUY

GONK! Hole In The Ground Productions Announces Star Wars ROTJ Jabba's Palace Droid Torture Rack

Raylen from Hole In The Ground Productions writes in to tell us about release of their  next diorama part called the Robot Flipper...

Raylen writes:

Remember the scene where Gonk (or Power Droid) is getting his feet burned in Jabba’s Palace?
In the 90’s, Hasbro released an accessory with their 8D8 droid that had the branding iron and a lever but it could not hold a Gonk droid. Now you can recreate that scene with this kit!

It comes in a 5 piece kit which has the ability to rotate your Gonk droid figure to any position in 360 degrees. Since Hasbro has made a number of different Gonk figures over the years in different configurations, it does not fit them all. Here Raylen used an early POTF2 figure with the movable feet which I thought best represented the scene.

Others may work as well or with some modification, but this is the Gonk mold I know will work best. It’s a nice kit but to get the most out of it, you want to get ahold of the original POTF2 accessory as you can use its lever and branding iron parts to expand and complete the device. Its virtually impossible to cast extremely thin parts like the iron and lever, so I felt it best to accommodate those existing parts that many people may already have. In the film, the branding iron came down from the ceiling so it also depends on how close you want to duplicate the scene. It’s a must have if you are making a Jabba’s Dungeon diorama and already have one of our Droid Racks.

Also, I have finished with the “Ball Speeder” seen outside the cantina. It is not available for purchase quite yet as we are waiting on decal work to be finished and to get better pics. But its almost here!

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