June 15, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Another Star Wars Game Announced; Galaxy Of Heroes From EA For Android & iOs.

Another new Star Wars game announced at E3 today, Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes From EA For Android & iOs...

Most can probably 'move along' as this is yet another RPG which tend to be quite niche interest compared to the commercialisation of Star Wars Battlefront, but for the completists out there and RPG lovers here's more from EA;

When we set out to make STAR WARS: GALAXY OF HEROES, we wanted to tap into the fantasy of collecting characters and starfighters and then let people enjoy the fun of playing with them creatively. We're bringing this idea to life by allowing players to take part in battles with collections of their favorite heroes, characters, and ships from across the Star Wars™ universe. From the classic trilogy and Star Wars Rebels™ and Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™ animated TV shows, to the prequels films and beyond, we're giving players a truly extensive Star Wars experience.
We have a great partnership with the talented folks at Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive. It is that collaboration that has enabled us to deliver a unique mobile experience that brings the vastness of the epic Star Wars franchise into the palm of your hand, available later this year on the App Store and Google Play.

So no more just now but worthy of checking out when it does arrive.

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