June 20, 2015 | By FLYGUY

A Little History About Arguably The Coolest Vintage Star Wars Figure, Boba Fett.

Most Star Wars toy fans have at least seen this Boba Fett figure at one time or another in books or at conventions, or if lucky you on one, but a nice little bit of history I just saw the other day around how that cardback came to be, I thought was worth sharing...

The SWCA shared the background;

Kenner worked closely with Lucasfilm and a costume and an actor were sent from California to Kenner's offices in Cincinnati, Ohio so that it could be photographed, measured, and otherwise used for reference in creating the Boba Fett action figure as well as the 12" version.

The images show the general costume from a few views, but the most interesting one is the one showing Boba Fett fire his wrist-mounted flame thrower.


One of the photographs of that particular pose (from the point of view of the photographer in the picture) was then used by an artist to create the artwork first seen on the carded Toy Fair sample then ultimately on the widely recognized and coveted carded Boba Fett action figures sold worldwide.

Of course a real old vintage Boba will set you back a few paychecks or click the button below to view some more modern and cheaper interpretations.

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