May 16, 2015 | By FLYGUY

WANT! Complete Set Of Vintage Marvel Star Wars Comics, And More, All Graded At 9.6 & Some Signed!

It's no secret that the Star Wars Marvel comics re-release have only re ignited my passion, (as well as many others) for comics again, and since I gave all my original Star Wars, Empire and ROTJ (And Indy) complete sets aways to charity many years ago (slight regret there!) I'm always on the look out for classics again, and this looks like this is one awesome find.
A friend of mine runs a vintage comic store KEToys and this full Marvel Collection is one of his prize possessions and is now up for sale. I've already bought in the past issues 1-12 from him, so can vouch when they say these are top notch they really are.

This is a complete set of 116 total comics consisting of the 1977 Marvel Comics Star Wars issues #1-107,  Annual 1-3,  RotJ Mini Series 1-4, Marvel Movie Showcase #1 and Droids #1, some even signed by talent such as Stan Lee & Walt Simonson.

Every book is CGC 9.6 and are all white paper which is really bloody hard to get! All are graded, just let that sink in for a moment! When you break down the cost of each one, being in such good condition, on white paper and graded plus some extras like signed editions in there it's a bloody steal. Sadly my Hulkbuster and army of Iron men on order are stopping me from pursuing this but maybe you know someone with deeper pockets or who wants this.

Click on through to the auction to see more. And just remember my birthday is coming up soon for any generous people out there ; )

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