May 20, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Meatspace Graded Star Wars Topps Vintage Trading Cards Make Me Drool, Plus Retro Vintage Force Awakens Cards

Wow. Every single US vintage trading card, GRADED. That's dedication, and costly. Want this set?

Then it'll set you back a pretty penny for that awesome set. Well one million pennies to be fair or a cool ten thousand dollars. A much cheaper option is the ungraded route for $90 below.

I've been watching vintage cards since the Force Awakens cards peaked everyone's nostalgia and the cards are definitely going up in value and interest. The Force Trader app release recently (finally!) for millions of Android fans, also helped boost the nostalgia factor even further.

If you've missed this new set below, which I banged on about a  few months ago, it's still up for pre-order. If you like vintage Star Wars in any way then you are gonna kick yourself if you don't get this one I guarantee you. It's simply, bloody stunning! Seriously amazing stuff and I think worth every damn penny. It's the Topps Star Wars Journey to the Force Awakens Sealed Trading Card Box Hobby Store Edition 

Vintage is just never going away, and only getting more expensive. Still got your cards? Got any rare Star Wars card collectibles? Leave a comment and let us know what you have hidden away!

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