April 07, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Digital Collection. These Are Not The Versions You're Looking For...

Look I'll probably be singled out for having a strong opinion here on this and not conforming from a press point of view, but if you are happy with the news of this Digital Collection, good for you. I'm not. And I am not alone, and we tend to think this really, is not the release you are looking for...
This Digital Collection should have been a bloody bonanza of an event; a friggin death star like explosion of PR, marketing and celebration of old footage dug up, restored, re-released, new commentaries, new features by the dozen, and instead it kinda limped out like the falcons engine trying to start, and was overall quite luke warm news (pun intended). The main culprit was the whole thing was just spoiled by leaks but what came after has not helped.

Not the best kept secret, from a certain point of view.

This was leaked early by way of the Hasbro commemorative sets news getting out, and thus it spoiled pretty majorly the whole digital enchilada. Logistics can be hard to manage globally I understand, never mind domestically, however, there should have been a press release ready at that time, if product had time to be made and printed, and at least something in place, if this leak happened so as to capitalise on the timing.

Instead we all knew a digital release was coming for more than a month. Then the leaks just kept on coming. Rumours surrounded VUDU, Walmarts online offering, which eventually was confirmed by having physical advertisements and then content online, until finally a list appeared yesterday.  Sadly someone had made a mistake in the hyperlink and vendors were not clear and we had to get 2nd hand information from other sites. (The broken link at the official site has now been corrected.)

All that said why the hell not wait to Star Wars Celebration to launch? Possibly too much else going on but  jeez for a few weeks you couldn't have waited?

Not the price you were looking for either.

Let's get on to the price. Approx $89.99 for six movies. ($100 on Xbox for an avatar and pinball game included) That in my view is way to damn expensive. No packaging, no discs, no distribution, just a file to download for Thirty five year old plus movies? You can't pass on any savings to the fans whom you milk?

As usual digital gouging by charging more per region is a continued, but quite nasty and disgusting habit. The UK gets stung for 70 GBP. That's $104 USD to download the same digital files. In Australia, only Google Play seems to have this available at present for $124 AUD, a much less $6 USD more.  All in though, same files, but charging more? Not good.

Region locked and less for your money.

A small but annoying aspect is the movies will be region locked per service, as is the sad norm these days. It's another downside to the aspect of streaming, plus you never really own these movies, you are effectively paying a huge amount to rent. Check the small print, you own jack with streaming.

Bear in mind the entire movies you can own, physically, (And have them region free!) Plus you can rip them to your hearts content, for any device, and not have to pay streaming or bandwidth costs for the same money. (Even less for some other versions, sources and sets) The streaming costs are important though, this is six movies, plus a lot of extra features, it will not be a small download/stream. Each time, on each device you are using bandwidth that costs you extra.

The Star Wars Blu ray versions have a ninth disc which is not to the best of my knowledge going to be available on these digital collections, so you miss out on hours of extra footage. Where's all the other footage from years ago? Commentaries, documentaries that appeared on VHS and laserdisc?

So far, so not so good for me. A few new digital features do not warrant a $90 cost, but the real kick is that these are the Blu -ray versions which fans do not appear to want any more. (Personally I'm okay with blu ray versions, but the feedback is a loud and clear 'no'.) 

Not just Amazon's ratings offering above that are showing unhappy fans, plenty of comments on sites such as GamespotGoogle PlayEurogamer, Twitter and more.

I am glad when Star Wars gets attention and love so grateful to see the films we all love get continued distribution, but don't expect me as a die hard fan, to just rave about this releases and roll over.

So all in I'm not able to physically own these, my friends will pay more for the same thing, it'll be region blocked, I get less, and miss out on other items, and ultimately I'm only renting these for another $90?

This has been a colossal Jedi mind trick to me, but what say you fans? All over it and happy as can be? FLYGUY just being grumpy? Or with me? Sound off below or on our social channels.

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