March 30, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Rebels 'Recon Missions' Mobile Game Launched On Android and iOs.

Star Wars Rebels 'Recon Missions' launches and hurrah! Somebody for once, has customers in mind and actually knows the mobile space, rather than sloppily only launching on one platform first (here's looking at you Topps). 

Recon Missions is available for free now (with in app purchases) in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Trailer and blurb below.

Based on the hit TV show, Star Wars Rebels. Rebels wanted! Are you ready to stand up against the Empire? Become an intergalactic hero in Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, the new action-platformer mobile game! Take on 4 FREE levels of battle against the Empire as Ezra Bridger, dodge TIE fighters, blast Stormtroopers, and drive an Imperial AT-MP. 

With in-app purchases, wield a LightsaberTM, fight Star Wars bosses, drive an AT-DP, and unlock 30 more levels and 50+ unique challenges. Customize and expand a secret Rebel Haven where heroes can hide out and rescue citizens. And, interact with characters like Zeb the muscle of the Ghost team, Hera the pilot, and even Chopper the grumpy Droid. Fight to save citizens of Lothal and restore hope to the Star Wars Rebels universe by joining the rebellion today!

  • BATTLE against the Empire as Ezra Bridger, the street-smart hero, and dodge TIE fighters
  • DRIVE an Imperial AT-MP and activate boosts to take down the Empire’s legion
  • COLLECT Hope and gift to citizens to earn boosts
  • CUSTOMIZE your secret Rebel Haven with rewards like living units, towers, building mods, and art
  • DISCOVER secret rooms, Stormtrooper helmets, and play to earn rewards from Chopper
  • With In-App Purchases:
  • UNLOCK 30 additional levels, with more Empire enemies, boosts, secret rooms, and rewards to expand your Rebel Haven
  • BATTLE STAR WARS BOSSES including TIE bombers, AT-DPs, and TIE fighters
  • WIELD a Lightsaber as Kanan Jarrus, the cowboy Jedi, and battle with your twin-blaster as Sabine Wren, the explosive artist

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