March 20, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Alternate 3A Line Could Have Cool Stylised Jawa's, Boba, Stormtroopers & More.

Last week we told you about 3A's announcement that the name of the line they will be producing was 'Star Wars Alternate'. Some more information arrives...
3A produce incredibly unique, stylish and generally downright cool vinyl collectibles. So here's hoping the Star Wars license is the same. 3A lead and design guru Ashley Wood was asked recently.

What are you most looking forward to putting your (3A) spin on? Does this mean we'll finally see those 1/12th Stormies?
ASH: I'm kinda excited about making a heavy blaster rogue Jawa, but actually I’m kinda excited by it all! Of course the Stormy, Vader, the Bounty Hunters, more obscure stuff too… I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity!

I'd love to see their style on a Cody & Fett commercially but can imagine if Ash and team got hold of the Cantina Aliens, a Death Star Droid, AT-AT Driver, the cool possibilities could be endless. What figure would you most like Ash and 3A to create? 

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