March 16, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Dave Filoni joins RebelForceRadio For Ahsoka & Darth Discussions Plus New Movies & More.

Dave Filoni joins RebelForceRadio, as well as discussions on the new Star Wars movies and more...
The latest RebelForceRadio show breakdown:
The first Star Wars standalone film has a title! Episode VIII has a release date! Listen to highlights from the Annual Disney Shareholders Meeting where these announcements were made by Disney head honcho Bob Iger along with our commentary. 
Following the heels of the amazing Star Wars Rebels season finale, these big announcements have fans buzzing. Speaking of Rebels, supervising director and executive producer Dave Filoni joins us for a extensive conversation about the return of Ahsoka to Star Wars, the death of the Inquisitor, a future surprise for fans of The Clone Wars, and the prospect of an Ahsoka/Vader showdown. 
Plus, Star Wars news including a Harrison Ford plane crash update, The Journey To The Force Awakens, phone calls from Nat and more, all on the latest RebelForceRadio. Listen or download now.

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