March 12, 2015 | By FLYGUY

3A Announces New name For Star Wars Line, 'Star Wars Alternate'.

Announced via the 3A newsletter was the name of the 3A Line they will be producing...
'Star Wars Alternate' is the lines name, and if you have an appreciation for what they do, you'll know it's incredibly unique, stylish and generally downright cool vinyl collectibles.

Check out their site if you aren't familiar with their products. Ashley Wood of 3A discussed the announcement in brief in their newsletter.

"...spent the weekend discussing our upcoming STAR WARS line, which I'll say is gonna be called STAR WARS ALTERNATE for now, that's pretty exciting for me, coz I’m one of those fuckers that got inspired the day I saw the first SW film! Creative puberty hit hard that day, soon as I got home that day I made lego space ships and pretended to be Luke Skywalker, I’m not sure I ever stopped. 
So to be able to add to the story - albeit an alternate view - is a gift, and that goes for all of us who will directly shape this new world. Expect a proper press release and info, and I’m sure everyone will say Ash you can’t just casually announce, but hey I’m Luke Skywalker, and if I remember he kinda just did things his own way!"

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