February 23, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Rebels Recon #13: Inside "Rebel Resolve"

A great episode this week as it builds up to the finale, with Chopper proving to be my favorite character of all...

The excellent Stephen Stanton returns, voice of many characters in the Clone Wars. Plus we get more of The Inquisitor and Dr.Ball!

In "Rebel Resolve,” the Ghost crew struggles to find intel on where the Empire is holding Kanan. Ezra makes a risky deal with Vizago, and learns that the Empire is using courier droids to relay information from the ground to orbiting ships. In a desperate mission, Chopper goes undercover as an Imperial droid and discovers where Grand Moff Tarkin plans to take their friend: Mustafar.

Some beautiful shots in this episode, and clearly we are building to bigger things with an already confirmed reveal of Fulcrum, more Darth Vader and other goodies to come. Watch Rebels Recon for a quick glimpse at the finale and don't forget to check out the concept gallery.

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