February 09, 2015 | By FLYGUY

More Variant Covers For Future Star Wars Comics By John Tyler Christopher, Dave Dorman, Mark Brooks & John Cassaday

Another gorgeous StarWars vintage figure cover by John Tyler Christopher for Star Wars Vol 4 #3 is revealed, plus even more variants for other new Star Wars titles revealed too...
Continuing on these great figure covers, Obi-Wan Kenobi is next. Essential stuff, and comes out March 11. Currently not available to pre-order at Midtown Comics but will be up soon.

The John Cassaday variant for the same issue below is not doing it for me, but may float someones boat?

Mark Brooks also does a cool cover for Princess Leia # 1 (out March 4). 

Next Up Darth Vader #2 by Dave Dorman, a real master artist for Star Wars is very slick.

Lots more out there and to come such as the below cover by  I believe Edgar Delgado.
What say you on these variant covers. Loving them as much as I do? Or skipping?

Thanks to Jedi Bibliotek (Darth Spiriah), Yakface and Kenny Kraly Jr for the heads up on some of these. 

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