January 06, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Re Confirms Revenge Of The Sith 3D. Personally I Want To See Empire 3D.

As already told on The Realm Recap and by our Recap co host Yakface 1st, ROTS is coming in 3D first to Celebration Anaheim this year. Whilst this is a nice extra, let's hope it can pack a bit more of a punch than previous 3D releases.

Those who saw 'Phantom' at the movies & Attack Of The Clones at the exclusive Celebration Europe showing last year, probably noted they were good, but really pretty flat and often barely distinguishable from 2D Blu ray releases. (You'll also get to see these older prequels at Anaheim too)

Has 3D for the original trilogy been dropped? I really don't think so, and am sure they will surface at some point, but man lets get to them! After all, just to remind you, A New Hope is currently in it's 38th year...

What do you want to see? Or Would you rather 3D stayed away from Star Wars altogether?

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