January 26, 2015 | By FLYGUY

New 'Vaders Revenge' Star Wars Battle Pod Video Game Trailer. Could It Be Considered Canon?

A new Star Wars Battle Pod trailer is here and it's pretty slick looking with a whole new look at a section (canon now?) called 'Vaders Revenge'....

Dauhmn...this is looking good! We went slightly loopy over this last October and shared the teaser trailer and cabinet specs. Now Game Informer released details recently and a not so great, embedded video. I did a quick check of YouTube and lo and behold better quality from Disney Japan below.

So 'Vaders Revenge' could this now be some type of cannon? Aren't games now going to be included in the going forward, one-world, Marvel like 'all one big story'? I highly doubt it, but whats's your opinion? It's looking good regardless and love the Vader reflection in the Tie cockpit.

Get a look at the cabinet details below. This is already here in the US and Dave & Buster arcades and with one only 30 mins from me-will try to bring you a review as soon as I can get there.


Thanks to the spelling nazis, yes I corrected 'Cannon' to 'Canon'. May you all die a horrible slow death in the sarlaac pit.

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