January 14, 2015 | By FLYGUY

Dorksidetoys Confirms Black Series Six Inch Tauntaun With Han Solo Being Packed With Speeder Bike. No Wampa For Now...

Remember the Six Inch Wampa? Looks like he's been kept in the freezer for now, read on to find out more.

Dorksidetoys just revealed that the Wampa is not as we thought, being released with Han Solo and Tauntaun. Instead it's being packed a Speeder Bike. Not sure where the Wampa is gouing to be polaced in Hasbro's line up.

Now this was my toy of the year all round in 2014, (see review below) and you can ALWAYS have a 2nd, its just that damn good.

However with it selling through well already, and still being offered at big discount at Black Friday sales, and in stores at a deep discount, I'm very surprised it's back again.

Overseas people will Im sure be happy but this is a strange choice. never mind we get the awesome Tauntaun and Han Solo which you can pre-order now win a two pack with speeder bike or Now available as a single.

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