November 30, 2014 | By FLYGUY

We Already Know Some Products Coming From Hasbro For Star Wars The Force Awakens.

So with even just the teaser we can almost tell (with obviously exceptions) what is generally a rinse and repeat model for Hasbro and what is initially coming.

Of course this is speculation but as someone who has bought (and works with) Star Wars toys for 30+ years, I do know toys and the marketing cycles of companies. Plus that aside, it really doesn't take much to put two and two together anyway and especially given some visual clues below.

Without a shadow of a doubt, role play is going to be big in The Force Awakens. It's cheap and can entice kids in to other products, and it's just good fun for big and small alike, (even cheap for cosplayers) and has sold fairly well for Hasbro over the years as a staple part of the marketing mix for key movies.

I'm sure you'll agree you can lay bloody good money we are getting a Stormtrooper role play mask. Expect to see this on shelves well before the movie is out, it's spoiler free, incredibly iconic and a staple Hasbro release for many years.

 The blasters are so close in this shot they could punt out the same damn thing and many kids or adults would be none the wiser! Again likely an early release, maybe even as early as September.

Lets face it there have been so many Lightsabers over the years, you just know we are getting crucifix Lightsabers from Hasbro right? Iconic as all hell and now out and making it's own memes it's going to be a big, big seller and out early to hype up the movie. (As if it needed it.)

You don't get iconic original trilogy shots like the X-wings, Falcon, and Tie Fighters appearing without making those iconic ships. Expect to see all three as an absolute given I'd say in some scale or size.

Of course lots more, a Fifa ball droid, as a 3.75" scale figure and likely fun kids cute toy with electronics and lights, plus 6 inch and 3.75" Stormtroopers are also surely a given as such an iconic army builder and one that will sell till the cows come home. Less likely but am sure it will happen is Daisy Ridleys chocolate ice cream bar vehicle. AT-AT's given their leaked appearance? Again all speculation but you can see where we are going.

Expect The Vintage Collection to be back, big and hyped in some capacity as the orginal charcaters are back. Plus wouldn't it be cool to see Vintage re-issues of original 5POA classic figures on vintage cards? Can you imagine the press on that alone never mind sales?

What toys or collectibles do you really want to see from Hasbro for The Force Awakens?

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