October 09, 2014 | By FLYGUY

New Black Series Six Inch & 3.75" Images, Unbranded & Hi-Res. Nice New Clear Shot Of Tie Fighter Pilot Thx To @dorksidetoys

Images of new products in the Star Wars blogosphere are like crack. Everyone wants them, but every site wants to deal them and have the supply, and of course add logos or names upon them. It's getting better, but no secret I can't stand this terrible practice, and wherever I can, I'll share unbranded and hi-res, because the images are not mine to alter.

Doesn't help when sites add crap to the background such as to a recent tie fighter pilot image, because nothing helps you see the detail on a black tie fighter pilot, than adding a black background to it, Then apply a logo and squash down to a crapito size and expect others to post about it. Just the way I'm sure the photographer never intended.

Hasbro only seem to give us glam shots these days and almost never share pack shots, expect with retailers. I've moaned about this odd practice before I know, but why we can't have the image library have ALL images, and approved sites get access to promote since we, y'know promote their Star Wars product every day... makes no sense to make such a trainwreck and fuss about images of products.

Anyway enough whining and thanks to some new images have appeared and been shared, brand free.

Nice new images of The Tie Fighter pilot in pack, and a nice clear new shot showing for the first time, detail. And, you can really see for the first time he rocks. No wonder this thing was selling like hot cakes before being removed from their site. You can view all three new six inch images in our gallery here. A few other images we've seen of Obi 6" & 3.75" as well but again brand free and hi-res.

The 3.75" images are carded & loose Luke Wampa attack, Darth Malgus, Starkiller, & R5-G-19.

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