September 26, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Legacy. Newly Made Available Partially Finished Episodes, Artwork, Animatics & More.

Late last night +Star Wars launched this video and content on the official site giving fans a deeper access in to the lasting effects of The Clone Wars television series and it's impact on the Star Wars saga and the future stories yet to be told. We know of sons of Dathomir but we now get to see full stories and animations for several episodes, Many of which were fully voiced and to a degree almost completed barring final animation.

Given the lost missions agreement with Netflix, it may be some while before we see a lost missions blu ray and this may be a way to ease fans until perhaps next year when this may be available? Who knows. In the meantime catch three almost full episodes in animatic form and peruse all the content on the site. Watch the overview and let us know what you think? Already missing the Clone Wars? 

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