August 24, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Twenty Years Running A Star Wars Site. Impressive... Most Impressive @toysrgus

Gus & Duncan are a bloody legend in Star Wars collecting and these guys were there when the interwebs was just beginning. Star Wars sites such as ours and others had barely been though of and in some ways it was simpler much more fun times, with less ads and a real fan focus. 

However we also had sloooow loading and minimal online experiences, not like today's live hangouts and HD video reviews and hi-res images. So they celebrated 20 years in existence last week and we wish them all the best for all their great content over the years. If you haven't yet, swing by and check out  it's huge archive, their blog, the vintage podcast or Chive 'cast as long time listeners refer to it, and definitely make sure you check out these books by the dynamic duo.

What was the very first Star Wars collecting site you used to visit? (For me it was these guys, & Phillip Wise's site)

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