August 24, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Clone Wars Season Six Blu Ray Announced On Amazon Germany.

On January 16, 2014, Super RTL (a television network in Germany) announced that it would be airing the Season Six episodes of Clone Wars on Saturdays which started on February 15th before every one else.  I for one applaud Lucasfilm for giving non English countries a break and letting them for once get some exclusives. Yet that's where the forward thinking kinda went south...

Then on February 13th this year , Lucasfilm announced that Season Six, along with all seasons prior, would be available on Netflix on March 7, 2014. This kinda sucked as even though in English not even the UK or Australia could get these, only the the US & Canada. A big slide of  'Say Whaaaat?' from fans.

No big surprise then that this silly money led media world that this only just encouraged rampant fan piracy of the series and frankly Lucasfilm and Netflix dropped the ball in my view, and could have turned more money quicker instead of stupid region blocking nonsense.

Now today we have to find out from retailers that the 'lost missions' aka Season six will hit Blu-Ray firstly in Germany in 3 Discs & 13 Episodes on Blu ray & DVD.

Why do we have to get scraps of news and nothing legit from official sources?

However fans globally can at least now finally after the best part of a year now see these great story arcs but sadly only after they have been discussed, spoiled and talked about. This is not great in my view but not gonna change the approach I'm sure with one blog post, just very frustrating.

No word on extra features as yet but a given that some will be present since all others had limited commentaries and makings of which at least added some extra value.

How do you feel about the Clone War talking so long to come out in your country, and do you think this has led to even more piracy?

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