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New Star Wars, GI JOE, Marvel Infinite, Walking Dead, We're At Fandom Fest In Our Dorksidetoys Newsletter

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Dorksidetoys will be at Fandom Fest 2014 at Louisville, Kentucky International Convention Center this weekend, so come say hello if in the neighborhood. We'll be at booths 611 & 612. Guests include Ray Park, Sam Witwer, Falcon Star Anthony Mackie, The Star Trek TNG cast, plus stars from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, V, Judge Dredd & more.

Brand new Black Series 3.75 Wave 4 are selling fast and from the reaction we've seen most of you are loving the re-release of Bastila Shan, & the Snowtrooper Commander the most. Don't miss out on them. New Rebels pre-orders are very much in demand and the new Anakin and Clone trooper six inch figures have arrived in small quantities with lots more coming any day. The Biker Scout and Jabba deluxe should also be arriving shortly so make sure you pre-order. We also have Saga legends, Mission Series, Mafex Vader, Jumbo Kenner & cool POP! vinyl.

2014 Star Wars Black Series 3.75 Wave 4 Set of 6 Action FiguresStar Wars Rebels Saga Legends Ezra Bridger 3.75 Action Figure
Star Wars 6" Black Series Wave 4 Set of 3 Action FiguresStar Wars Black Series 6" Jabba the Hutt & Speeder Bike with Biker Scout Deluxe Action Figure

Guardians Of The Galaxy opens in just a few hours as we write this and we have the six inch starting from only $9.99.  We also have Guardians Mini Mystery & POP!
Most waves of Marvel Infinite Avengers are also in stock. X-Men Marvel Legends are still available to pre-order and we also have some cool Marvel Select in stock such as Deadpool & Red Hulk. Don't forget to check out Marvel Minis, classic Marvel Universe, Iron Man & many more in our Marvel super section.

Marvel Avengers Wave 3 Infinite Series Set of 6  3.75 Action FiguresFunko Marvel Guardians of Galaxy Mystery Mini Case of 12 Display Box
Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 6 Inch Gamora Action FigureFunko POP! Vinyl Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Groot

With some of your favourite characters from just about every cool franchise available, Retro reaction figures are highly collectible at an excellent price. From Horror to BTTF, The Crow, Predator, Buffy, Goonies, Pulp Fiction and more.

New Walking Dead TV & comic figures are in stock, plus pre-orders, classics, full waves and singles too. Make sure you check out Mystery Minis & POP! Vinyl as well.
Funko The Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Carol PeletierThe Walking Dead TV Series Shane Walsh Figure McFarlane Toys
The Walking Dead TV Series Series 5 Set of 5 Funko The Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Teddy Bear Girl



Lots of new figures for pre-order including Arkham Knight and newly restocked DC Collectibles, including Injustice figures and restocked Arkham figures. MAFEX Dark Knight Joker & 1/4 scale Joker & Batman are also available, plus very cute Fabrikations!

DC Collectibles Batman Arkham Knight Harley-Quinn FigureDC Collectibles Batman Arkham Knight Batman Figure
DC Collectibles Batman Asylum Titan Joker Action FigureFunko Fabrikations Harley Quinn Plush Figure


SHOP GI JOE @DorksideToys NOW

GI JOE FSS 3.0 figures are all up for pre-order and they will just look gorgeous on the cardbacks. Each one comes with a free star case to protect the card back and let you immediately display what will be yet again killer G.I.JOES. We also have FSS 2.0, KRE-O's, and lots of  more freshly restocked Retaliation figures too.Check out AFA graded GI JOES as well.
GI JOE FSS 3.0 Cobra Courier Vypra 3.75 Action FigureGI Joe Kre-O Series 3 Nunchuk Kreon Mini-Figure
GI JOE Retaliation H.I.S.S. Tank & Cobra Commander 3.75" Action Figure LOOSEGI JOE Retaliation Blind Master 3.75 Action Figure

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