May 03, 2014 | By FLYGUY

#SDCC #StarWars Exclusive Revealed! Jabba The Hutt Black Series With Dais & Salacious Crumb.

So if you follow us on Twitter or Google+ (always best to get the latest news) you'd have got this news literally just after Entertainment Weekly published it.  The news essentially is, (for those fortunate enough or mad enough to be going to SDCC this year) that the exclusive for +Star Wars  The Black Series will be the addition of Salicious Crumb and Hookah, (the dais is cardboard it seems) much as we all predicted on several podcasts and discussions. You'll still be able to buy Jabba at online stores such as +Dorksidetoys soon enough.

EW posted the most woefully miserable microscopically small images of the packaging which we've reached out to Hasbro to get better quality snaps of. Will follow in time I'm sure once EW gets their moneys worth they paid for them.

So most of us join the scalping queue and try to get this on the second hand market or take the gamble yet again with scalpers on Hasbro Toy Shop (if in the US). Everyone else in the world it's a big fat, tough Jabba's titty as you don't get a shot at this. I'll likely get one at a silly price but it is very depressing as a collection line that 99% of the world really gets very little choice or access.

What's your thoughts? Want? Don't care?

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