April 03, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Gorgeous Jodo Kast Six Inch Black Series. Get Busy Hasbro, We Need LOTS Of Mandalorians In This Line.

Some more gorgeous customs turned up via the 6" Black Series Collectors group this week. Following on from our white prototypes we shared and someone we know well bought ; )

These below are by John Mallamas aka Jin Saotome. Check out his site for some great work.(And sales)

"The fearsome bounty hunter Boba Fett has a rival, Jodo Kast arrives and he’s sporting Mandalorian armor as well! This custom Jodo Kast figure was created from the 6″ Star Wars Black series Boba Fett figure. His pouches were changed to different tech, shin tools removed, and armor bumps filled. Then he was given a darker paint job with yellow visor/armor sections. Splatter, blast, and weathered effects were applied to his armor for a battle-worn look. Finally a ML Ronin head was used for his unmasked look and some more weapons were added to his artillery. Now Jodo Kast is ready to go on the ultimate hunt!"

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