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LEGO Star Wars Steal | By @Mike

Not looking forward to the three hour bus journey back from London, I stopped at a newsagents hoping to find a magazine to pass the time. Instead I parted with my £5.00 ($8.30 approx), despite an RRP of £14.99, and came away with this hefty LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (from Dorling Kindersley) complete with the addition of an actual Minifigure. As I'm sure many of you toy collectors would agree, that's a fair enough deal to justify the Exclusive Han Solo, Decorated Hero Minifigure, all on its own!

Little Leia's so happy to be reunited with her hero Han.
The book itself is slightly lacking when it comes to text based content, but that's a given considering that this is almost certainly targeted at the younger collector. What you do receive though is an excellent Minifigure guide, with a selection of highly detailed images. I don't care who you are, or how attached you are to your Minifigures, you've never seen them this close before. The encyclopedia contains a variety of figures across each of the six movies, and The Clone Wars animated television series, as well as a few entries from the Expanded Universe too. Features of note include a short description of each character, a few stats regarding the LEGO set it came from, and often a description of a figure variant from a past set.

The photography on offer is fantastic. And in my opinion, that Han Solo is one Minifigure gem!
Younger collectors might find the Han Solo figure somewhat bland. After all, he's extremely similar to past incarnations - asides from the medal hanging from his chest - and doesn't even sport a weapon. That said, I for one love it, finding the niche nature of the figure something of a catch for the serious collector. It also happens to make a great addition to Gold Leader's Y-Wing (set 9495) which contains an exclusive Ceremonial Princess Leia figure.

This might not be the best LEGO Star Wars reference book out there, but it doesn't pretend to be. If you're expecting an analysis of every single Star Wars Minifigure available, you're going to be extremely disappointed. But when you consider the great photography, and the superb Han Solo figure, finding this for the same price as a magazine is what I consider something of a steal.

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