February 13, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Clone Wars Season Six 'Lost Missions' And More Come to US Netflix March 7th. Watch The Yoda/Qui-Gon Clip.

Netflix scores the "lost missions' aka Season 6 of the Clone Wars, plus all other seasons and some more Marvel/Lucas/Disney goodies March 7th...

Of course what does that mean for the rest of us who don't get Netflix and didn't even get the last seasons?

Suck it up princess.

It leaves you with two options, wait for everyone to enjoy it and spoil it for maybe a year or so and then buy the DVD/Blu-ray illegally. Quite why media companies cant put a pay-wall on YouTube and charge us all a flat and equal rate and all watch at the same time? Netflix is wonderful but outside the UK & US yer kinda screwed. We've yet to see if even Netflix UK will get it at the same time.

What am I thinking anway? I must be living in a galaxy far, far away if I think media companies are ever going to get their global distribution shit together.

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