January 31, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars The Black Series Six Inch All In One Darth Vader. Lets Hope The Real Thing Is As Good As BluBoy's Mock up.

Our buddy Ryan Spencer aka Bluboy comice/BluGost shares with us one last mock up of The Black Series for now and "You Dont Know The Power' this thing could bring to Star Wars toys at retail and on-line man! If it was this good anyway.

A great mock up and love the Han Solo Blaster for Bespin scene, in fact this is an all in one Vader, but I'm sure Hasbro will want to squeeze out a few variations.

Make sure you follow Ryan and his spanktastic work He's also on tumblr and more.

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p.s. if one more person tells me they can't get a Black Series Boba Fett, I'm gonna scream. Stop waiting and wanting and buy one over at Dorksidetoys. You can get the damn thing for less than $20! Just buy the wave and if you don't want the others, sell them and recoup your money. Fleabay scalpers (and some dodgy online and some well known online merchants too) are selling the damn thing on its own for $65+shipping! Dorkside's offer is the fairest I have seen ANYWHERE online. Don't blame me if you still never got one or paid $65 for it.

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