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New York Toy Fair 2014. All The New Star Wars, Hasbro, Lego & Marvel Figures Listed Here. Refresh for Updates & Photos

We're at New York Toy Fair 2014! +FLYGUY & +TekSushi are bringing you the list and pics of toys you want to know about from  +Star Wars +Marvel Entertainment & more. Our New York reporter will be on the ground to help quantify the list below along with more from our other collecting sites & friends.

Thanks to the Jedi Defender list which pretty much leaked everything first, our friend in the force who confirmed The Black Series time and time again, Hisstank, the Collectors cast and numerous fans, for all the titbits, gossip and rumours.

>>New product images will be added to galleries on our +FLYGUY  Google+ & Facebook pages.
>>Non Star Wars Images will be added to our +TekSushi Google+ & Facebook pages.

Look for deep dive discussion on all the products in our Video/Audio Podcasts in the +Yakface's Realm   podcast with  & +FLYGUY & this weekend, and a much bigger discussion the following week on The Boring Conversation Anyway Podcast The +TekSushi podcast will return soon to cover more of the non Star Wars products the following week.


This list below will be updated and corrected several times so head back for a refresh from time to time... Currently the below is all of the rumours and verifications. look for changes regularly!
All italics mean unconfirmed, everything else is pretty much in the bag. All to be confirmed soon or more at SDCC

Star Wars The Black Series 6 Inch (4 'waves' for 2014 more at SDCC plus another exclusive)
The dubious carry forward figures are annoying! Clones Hasbro! Carry forward troop builders 1st! new blue packaging to move away from orange rebels.

*carry forward means the figure will be released again in the next subsequent wave.

Star Wars The Black Series Deluxe 6 Inch Vehicles (Coming Fall Aka Autumn)
Both Jabba and speeder biker scout sets are $40USD each an come in a two pack for retailers

Star Wars  - The Black Series (3.75 Inch)
New packaging Another close up here

Star Wars  - Rebels (3.75 Inch) (Star Wars Saga Legends/mission Series blending in together.)

Star Wars  - Vehicles (3.75 Inch)
  • The Ghost? - SDCC? (highly likely)
  • The Phantom (updated photo)
  • Tie Fighter (There will be two versions, both The Inquisitors advanced and a standard Tie fighter)
  • AT-DT 
Star Wars Role Play ('Armour')
  • Lightsaber
  • Stormtrooper 'Rebels' mask
  • Rebel blaster
  • Ezra
  • The Inquisitor's lightsaber

Star Wars - Lego 
Most as per list we released before and microfighters we already have reviewed!
Full hi-res gallery here of sets known before Toyfair, all others below
Star Wars Command 2 Inch Figures
Aka toy soldiers. Starting at $5

Marvel Avengers Infinite Avengers 3.75 inch
Wave 1 seen-what's next?
Marvel Legends 6 inch

Marvel Mashers
  • ?
Captain America - The Winter Soldier

  • Lots of Images of kiddy non collector stuff and a few 5POA figures in our +TekSushi albums


    Versus Sets
    3 Packs
    Vehicle Sets
    New exclusive sets only at TRUS
    • Wave 3 
    • Doc
    • Footloose
    • Nunchuck
    • Night Creeper
    • Tripwire
    • Lady Jaye
    • Zartan
    • Cobra Shock Trooper
    • Low Light
    • Cobra Air Trooper
    • Nemesis Enforcer
    • Snow Serpent
    • Chuckles
    • Tomax
    • Cobra Viper
    • Cobra Bazooka Trooper
    • Wet-Suit
    • Budo
    • Torch
    • Atomic Man
    • Firebat Attack - 292 pcs; Includes Firebat, Wolverine, Wild Bill, Bazooka and AVAC
    • Outpost Defense - 97 pcs; Includes Firebat, Outpost Defender, Beach Head and Storm Shadow
    • Cobra Terrordrome Playset - 256 pcs; Includes Serpentor, Gung Ho, Main Frame, Xamot, Cobra Trooper. Firebat Launch Tube is SPRING LOADED! - Spring 2014 release date - $99.99

    >> Again new product images will be added to galleries on our Google+ & Facebook pages.

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