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Spotlight on Clone Wars director Dave Bullock!

Hey guys! It's GLJossan, I've had some time off due to some personal stuff, 2013 really kicked the kriff out of me.

But enough about me, I had a little adventure to the New York Comic Con. Sadly there wasn't much to report on or see on Sunday, which was the day my ticket was for, but I did get to catch up with a good friend who I met there a few years back.

This friend's name is Dave Bullock, you can find his achievements on IMDB, you'd be surprised with the things he has worked on, most importantly, he worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

 I had not known he did The Clone Wars, I was casually flipping through some of his one of a kind pieces when I stumbled on his Star Wars sketches, after asking him about them, he went on to tell me a story about how he directed some of The Clone Wars CGI series.

Dave Bullock himself posing with his original concept drawings for the Star Wars: The Clone Was movie.

I was astonished at the drawings he had done. Had money not been so tight, I would have bought the picture of Anakin and the clone trooper while I was there.

 Original Tusken Raider Concept Art for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Dave has worked on many things, including Transformers: Prime, Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Justice League: The New Frontier, and even the 1990s Spider-Man cartoon. He has also done a boat load of comic books.
This man not only is a friend to me, but a bit of a hero as an aspiring artist and someone who played a surprising part of my childhood, which I didn't find out about until after a few months of knowing the man.

Original Tusken Raider Concept Art for Star Wars: the Clone Wars

In short guys, if you have the chance to meet him at a con, do it and if you have a Deviant Art account, follow him. If you like to read blogs, check out his blog. Heck, did you know he's even got a page on Wookieepedia?

Original Anakin Skywalker and Clone Trooper Concept Art  for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

So guys, if you get a hold of this awesome man or meet him at a Con, make sure to let him know GLJossan sent you and let him know just how much you appreciate his work. And buying some prints or maybe original work mite be a good idea too.

Dave Bullock Links:
Deviant Art -
Blog -
Wookieepedia -

Anyway guys, until next time, I will be around, hope to catch you all around!

This is GLJossan and remember do not underestimate The Power of the Fans!

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