January 18, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Boring Conversation Anyway™ - A Star Wars Podcast. Episode #51 Live. We'd Be Honoured If You Would Join Us.

*Update-apologies show was unable to go ahead and has been postponed to Mid February. More details to follow.*

Another live video/audio Boring Conversation Anyway™ and after an excellent Episode #50 the same panel has returned, so join as we talk Star Wars Toys, Hasbro, Ep VII and more with;

+Dan Curto

Join the live stream by keeping an eye on this page.

We'll post the live YouTube URL on that page above where you can then watch the show. As usual an MP3 and show notes will follow after the show. Got a question to ask the panel? Leave a comment on the page above or below or again ask us live in the YouTube comments.

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As it's a live show guests or technical difficulties can arise. Not a show for the incredibly young and so wear your big boy pants as you can expect the odd swear word, cough, fart etc.

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